Why You Should Choose a Holiday Lodge in North Wales

We love holidaying and a lot of us love buying a quality holiday home in our favourite destinations. It has been said that British tourism has been on the up in recent years, despite the thought of British Tourism mostly conjuring thoughts of outdated arcades, seagulls, ice cream cones and caravans, situated so close to each other we can barely wonder how tourists find peace and quiet, let alone coexist together in such cramped surroundings where it might seem that the slightest noise would wake up every living thing within a twenty caravan radius. We were more than happy to learn that each and every assumption we had made about the industry was incorrect in previous years. But this is where the benefits of lodges for sale North Wales.

There’s a number of amazing things to do and see and some very real natural beauty which simply isn’t there in the summer within Snowdonia, and we’re very pleased to say that we don’t think you’ve lived until you’ve seen the colours of autumn reflected in this wild Welsh wonderland. There’s also some very high quality accommodation options available off season, for bargain prices, with absolutely no sacrifice in regard to excellent service or amenities – literally just as good as when you’d visit in high season.

North Wales based lodge parks are an excellent example of this. The parks themselves are all rather classy, high end retreat for those in the know… but also very welcoming to families, and not pretentious even in the slightest. North Wales’ holiday parks are a very high-end package for those in the loop enough to seek it out, and we’re very certain that it could actually qualify as a Welsh treasure.

When situated in the quaint Welsh region of Bethesda within North Wales, many lodges boast an absolutely stunning view of the surroundings and of acres upon acres of absolutely unspoiled woodland. While we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to take the plunge and give caravanning a try (unfortunately, we’ve far too many memories of childhood camping experiences!) the North Wales based lodges are absolutely high quality and utterly desirable places to be.

We couldn’t help but think, as we initially stepped into a high-quality woodland lodge, literally right on the bank of the North Wales rivers, which boasts a number of amazing features, that in our eyes it was more like a high-quality house than a wooden lodge, and it was very tastefully outfitted which offered all of the comforts of home, as well as so much more.

Apparently, North Wales has some of the most diverse lodges for sale than the one we actually stayed at. This proves that British tourism is indeed going from strength to strength, and it’s not difficult whatsoever to see why, thanks to holiday parks and their lodges for sale leading the way when it comes to offering some seriously high-end accommodation at very reasonable rates.

Should you wish to enjoy the North Wales area from your very own holiday lodge, do not hesitate to find out more about the holiday parks in the area and their location. There are plenty to choose from, and you could have a permanent place to stay in your favourite place to holiday.