Tips for Designing Practical Closet for Your Regular Use

Whether you get a poorly designed closet or any well-designed closet, you will spend same amount of money. What makes the difference between a well-designed and poorly designed closet is how well you utilise the space. If you are planning to design a closet for your home, then these tips can be very useful. You can make use of every inch of your space in the closet in an effective manner.

  • Build your closet exactly like what you need

Before you start designing your riiulisüsteemid, which means shelving systems, you must decide whether you need a bigger one or smaller. Many people often end up designing big one and consume lots of space on the wall without thinking about the contents inside it.

On the contrary, if you decide to build your closet based on your exact requirement of hanging space, even your small-sized bed room will look like a bigger one and as a result, you can save your money by building a full wall sized closet.

  • Get organized

To maximize your space within the closet, you must group clothes of similar-size together and do not waste your space. If you have plenty of comparable items to hang then 20 inches width will be sufficient and you can make a separate section of comparable items. You can also hang your top rod at sufficient height so that you can have another row at the bottom too.

  • Ergonomics is important

Will you like to crawl on the floor to find out your summer clothes? Also no one will like to bend at 45 degrees to put any bag or scarves on the shelf that is at knee height. Therefore, you need to design with proper ergonomics so that it is easier to find your dress. It must be at easier reach so that it is possible to keep your closet tidy.

If you position the shelves over the hanging area, it is a smart ergonomic move. Also maintain the depth of the shelves within 14 inches so that nothing will be difficult to find at the back. Shelves must be 10 inches apart so that the item from one shelf will not easily move to another one. Keep the width within 12 inches as average folded clothes need 12 inches width and 14 inches depth.

  • Skip the drawers

Drawers will unnecessarily increase the price of the closet and waste your space. Instead of that have more space and in case you have bedside tables or dresser then they are sufficient to keep your socks and underwear. T-shirts and sweaters can be placed on open shelves which you can also see clearly.

  • Add storage space elsewhere

If you lack storage space, then use every possible place smartly. By hanging most of the clothes, you can easily achieve this. There is no need to store folded clothes on the shelves as it can create mess. Better utilize deeper shelves for hanging the clothes and try to keep shoes and folded clothes elsewhere.

You can create a deep drawer under your bed where you can store your shoes and various sports gear. This can be a better option for storing the shoes instead of consuming space inside the closet.

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