Tips for Decorating with Light

Achieving balance in life isn’t an easy task, especially when it comes to lighting. On one side we want to create a comfortable atmosphere, and on the other, we have to get to see something! We need to decorate our place of living with light in other to allow us to carry out our activities in any place of our choice during the night and also to beautify our homes. In other to achieve all this, the help of an electrical expert, for example, the Mister sparky electricians RI is highly needed.

The Architectural Object

Before talking about ideal heights and types of lighting, I think we need to start with the subject of the lamp itself. The styles, prices, and materials used are almost is infinite, so you only need to leave room for your imagination to find lamps that are up to your style. Boob lights are the obsession of all decorators. On this subject, here is a post that gives you some good ideas on how to transform them.


Think about this, you carefully choose the painting of walls, floor, and window coverings, then comes the furniture that comes to dress up the floor space and the artwork that beautifies the walls. But in all these deco choices, there is none that comes to dress the airspace between the floor and the ceiling, above the furniture, the suspensions and chandeliers fulfill this role perfectly.

Read in Bed

Reading in bed is one of the little pleasures of life and, an excellent sleeping pill! It seems that the simple act of opening my book and my bedside lamp makes that 5 minutes later I sleep like a marmot, the book in the face. For optimal lighting when reading in bed, think of a light source that is easily obtainable from your point of relaxation. I exclude here the lamps of style “Clap On”, with the bottom of the lampshade which is between 16 and 18 inches higher than the top of your mattress. Same scenario if you use a wall light, do not hang it too high. Otherwise, the light will be too diffuse and inefficient.

Vignette Lighting

See your lamps for what they are, a prettifying object and not just a functional object. On a side table or a shelf, a bar trolley or a desk, the table lamp features to decorate the decor as a small collector’s item or a treasured trinket.