Real Estate Sales: Add Value to your Electrical Installation

Renovation work is often considered when buying a home, but why not when reselling a property? If it is easy to value the work of decoration (it has become a business, home staging) the valuation of the electrical installation is often less prominent, a wrong in my opinion.

Of course, there is no question of redoing all the renovation of your electrical installation which generates more important work, but to settle certain aspects before considering to sell.

Here are some points to check before selling, which can support your argument on the electricity level when selling your property:

Electrical Installation in Safety

The electrical elements are analyzed during the electrical diagnostic report, which is essential for the sale of real estate. The two electrical non-conformities that often come back are the lack of grounding and the lack of differential protection at the electrical panel.

I will address these two points so that you have an idea of ??the work and the rates of the benefits:


I have already talked about the grounding of the electrical installation in several articles. It is a safety element that allows to direct fault currents to the earth and to protect the occupants of the dwelling.

In my opinion, this is a very important criterion for electrical safety.

The advantage of earthing is that it is relatively simple, and does not necessarily involve significant work. I voluntarily use words like “relatively” and “inevitably” because sometimes it gets complicated a bit.

If your panel is located in a garage and you have easy access to the outside, the work will be quite easy. If, on the other hand, the panel is in the middle of the house and you have a house that is not on one level, it can be complicated.

It is, therefore, work in electricity that I invite you to undertake to show your future buyers that you have made your home safe.

It usually takes between a few hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars for a grounding by a qualified and insured electrician like Mister Sparky Electricians MA.

Secured Electrical Panel: 30m A differential switch

This is the second crucial element that must be present in the electrical panel. The differential switch acts as an electrical safety device in the same way as earthing and protects people in the home.

It is usually positioned first on the rows of electrical panels (if you want to check it accurately, I invite you to read the article,or I speak more specifically of the organization of a row of boards electric )

If you do not have a 30m A differential switch on your electrical panel, this is an opportunity to make a change.

Again, depending on the state of your electrical panel, the work can be very fast or a little longer. But I repeat, it is essential to install a 30mA differential protection at home, so future buyers will no doubt be satisfied that you have done the work.