Get your appliances repaired from professionals

Electrical science has provided you with a number of appliances of precision to ease your work. The electrical appliances have added a great comfort to everyone’s life and have made it easy to a greater extent. These appliances are prone to malfunction very often as they are sensitive due to minute circuitry. So if you are also using branded appliances of the famous brand LG and your refrigerator is not cooling properly then you can take help from professionals. Hence, you can go for Lg Appliance Repair. The trained professionals in LG will repair all your appliances with proper warranty and will offer best repair services. They are expert at satisfying their customers.

Common problems in refrigerator

  • Temperature of your fridge is not cold enough: If your fridge is set to a cooling temperature yet it is not cooling then it means that the functioning of the defrost thermostat is disturbed. It might have frosted over and hence needs to be replaced by a new one. You can fix this issue yourself by first unplugging your fridge and then cleaning the condenser coil with vacuum or condenser coil brush. If this process does not fix your issue then you can call an expert.
  • Ice Maker is not working: This is common in most of the refrigerators. The problem is one but the reasons can be numerous. The reasons to this problem can be your ice maker motor module which might have resized and it needs to be replaced, water might have clogged in inlet valve, screen or filter might have plugged with debris, there might be any problem with the ice making mechanism of your freezer. There are series tests that are conducted to fix the issue. Hence, a professional needs to be called who will repair your refrigerator