Can’t Decide on the Right Bed Frame For Your New Mattress? Sleep On It Then

In a world where stress is almost synonymous to breathing oxygen or staring at the sun, choosing the right bed frame can be a make or break for one individual’s performance during the day. We want to avoid waking up to stiff necks and aching backs, so it eventually becomes inevitable for us to do a little investigation on what to consider when buying. For instance, if you click here, you will not only look at the aesthetic of the bed frames listed, but also their specifications.

However, what most first time buyers do not realise is that there are numerous things to consider when purchasing bed frames — what is the size of your mattress? Does this even bloody fit your room? If it does, is it comfortable enough for you to lay your body in like a bludger for at least eight hours straight? These tips may help you out.

Before we proceed with our guide, we highly encourage that you check out online retailers like for a surplus of bed frame options. The Spindle Bed Frame, for instance, is a strong contender for Ballon D’Or bed frames because of its state-of-the-art floating base and bedhead. This is perfect for both aesthetic and comfort!

Tip 1: Consider the size of everything, always.

The first thing you have to consider when buying a brand-new bed frame is to determine the amount of space you have within your home. It’s obviously common sense for everyone to stop themselves from buying a bed frame that is larger than their room width, because it simply would not fit.

If you have an unfurnished room, always take into account other pieces of furniture you would need, including a dresser, a side table, or a closet. We recommend measuring the exact space you have inside your rooms and marking them with a tape, so it would be easier to decorate.

Tip 2: Height is extremely important too.

The height of a bed frame matters as much as the size of the room available in the room, and most buyers tend to forget this factor when they go to their local home depots. It is another task that requires measurement, but bed frame height varies depending on your personal choice as a customer.

Do you prefer a higher bed frame, which is mostly described as a “masked space saver” and a premier luxury option? Or do you prefer a lower bed frame which gives off a more peaceful, zen-like vibe? No matter the choice, height is a critical factor for choosing the right bed frame.

Tip 3. Make sure that you snooze in your own aesthetic.

 This is where the fun begins, lads and lassies! It has been a no-brainer for us to choose a bed frame that suits our personal style, but why not take it up a notch and do a little research to unleash your inner interior designer?

There are literally millions of options to choose from nowadays: some people would prefer a highly-polished metal bed frame, while others would fancy a bed frame made of fine maple wood that makes them feel warm and at home.