5 Summer Garden Hacks You Need to Try Out

The summer months often provide the perfect time to get outside and enjoy your garden, whether you’re gardening or just sitting outside and enjoying some time in the fresh air. While this is a great time to be in your garden, it also means that it’s a great time to make sure it is looking its best.

We’ve been thinking of all the best tips to help you make the most of your garden by helping you to keep it looking beautiful without taking up all of your time. So, if you’re hoping to keep your garden looking fabulous in summer, try out these summer garden hacks.

#1 – Use Natural Items to Plant Seedlings

When cultivating your seedlings, forget about the seedling trays you can buy from garden centres and DIY stores and opt for something a little more natural. You can use items such as eggshells and fruit rinds to plant them instead. They are the perfect size for planting and once you’re ready to transfer them to your garden, the shell or fruit rind will decompose in the soil, providing nutrients for your seedlings as they grow. 

#2 – Make Your Own Natural Weed Killer

Weeds can be a nuisance so many gardeners choose to get rid of them. However, many store-bought weed killers can contain strong chemicals that you may be wary of smothering your garden in. If you have pets or young children, these weed killers may be even more unsuitable.

Instead of using harsh chemicals, you could try a more natural option such as vinegar or a homemade weed killer. Try using this recipe for a weed killer that will do the job.

#3 – Keep Weeds at Bay With Your Lawn Mower

You can also keep weeds away by keeping your lawn well mown. This can help to prevent weeds from spreading as mowing your lawn often chops off the heads of weeds which carry the seeds. We spoke to BP Tools, providers of garden tools who said,

“If you want to prevent weeds, one of the best preventative measures to take is to make sure your lawn is nice and healthy. One of the most effective ways of ensuring this is to regularly mow your lawn, never letting it get out of control or too wild.”

#4 – Keep Your Plants Hydrated While You’re Away

During the summer months, you may be spending plenty of time in the garden, but if you’re going on holiday, it may go for days or weeks without being attended to. This could be a problem if the weather is warm and dry, so you’ll need to find a way to keep your plants hydrated.

If you don’t have a friendly neighbour or friend to pop in and water your plants, why not create self-watering device yourself? Fill a large container or bottle with water and place it next to your plants that need watering. Now you need an absorbent wick which will transfer the water to your plants easily. You could use a t shirt torn into strips or thick yarn. Place one end at the bottom of the container of water and stick the other end into the soil.

#5 – Keep Pests at Bay With Natural Ingredients 

Natural ingredients can go a long way in a garden, and some of them will help you to keep pests away from your plants and flowerbeds. You can use old coffee grounds to keep bigger animals like rabbits and squirrels away, whereas crushed eggshells will keep slugs and snails at bay.

Using these hacks, you should be able to keep your garden looking fantastic with minimal effort!